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We’re obsessed with promoting you, so become irresistible to employers with ResumeLance.

1 CV Writing

Yes you may be the most qualified for the job, but it is the presentation of your unique capabilities on your CV that will get you through that door. When you have less than 30 seconds to impress your employer, can you risk selling yourself short?

Whether you’re a fresh graduate, an entrepreneur and visionary leader or hold a highly technical role, we know exactly what recruiters and hiring managers want to see on your CV.

Because your CV is your first and strongest impression, it will determine your fate, so let us help make it your springboard to the next breakthrough in your career!

With ResumeLance, we deliver job-winning CVs and guarantee you:

  • A tailored and customised CV that is targeted to your desired career path
  • A well positioned and focused CV, with strong power phrases and industry specific terminology, ensuring keyword optimisation
  • A highly structured CV that advocates the value you bring to an organization, promoting your key achievements, unique capabilities and career progression in the most appealing manner
  • The highest quality of service by highly dedicated and experienced professionals

Which package should you go for?

Entry Level

So you’re fresh out of university and looking to explore all the options an exciting career can offer you? You know you have the skills, but you aren’t sure how to market them to the employer?

We’ve seen entry level CVs and most of them end up looking about the same. With limited industry knowledge and a narrow network of business contacts, it is even more important that you start off your career with an edge that only a professional CV can provide.

Kick-start your career with ResumeLance.

Junior Level

As a professional with a few years of experience, you may be looking to move up a level or even explore a new career entirely. So you’ve acquired the initial skill set, the basic work ethic and exposure and would now like to explore new realms of growth?

At this stage of your career, your CV should clearly highlight both the soft and hard skills that truly reflect your accomplishments. It should demonstrate your flexibility, persistence and strong dedication to learning.

Let us help make your CV the springboard to your next exciting opportunity.

As a seasoned professional, you have developed an expertise and want to leverage it. You want to portray yourself as a dynamic individual who is able to meet all the challenges presented to you.

At this point in your career your CV should clearly communicate how your specific expertise and skill set will contribute significantly and in record time to an employer’s bottom line results.

With our regional know-how and years of experience with hiring employers across all industries, we focus on demonstrating how you will excel in performance and exceed targets and expectations.

A ResumeLance CV will explicitly highlight your unique added value to potential employers.

As a senior professional at management level, you have developed core skills and want to highlight the extent of your expertise. You want your CV to showcase the results that you have consistently achieved and exceeded.

With a ResumeLance CV, we promote your strategic planning skills and your involvement in key decision making processes. We demonstrate your ability to lead, manage and innovate in a results-driven manner.

Let us help you emphasize the most relevant and pertinent aspects of your career that take you to the next level.

Whether you currently hold a high level position or would like to target a Director or C-Level role as your next career move, it is no longer sufficient to sell yourself through a chronological list of achievements. It is vital that your CV clearly promotes your personal brand.

Our experts know writing an Executive CV requires craft in order to highlight your strategic capabilities and portray you as a charismatic leader with skills to transform organisations and turn around situations.

With a ResumeLance CV, our focus is your unique value proposition. We promote your powerful delivery of tangible results and continuous profitable growth.

2 Cover Letter Writing

A well written, employer focused cover letter can drastically boost your job application. It can even compensate for a
less than relevant CV.

Why is the cover letter so powerful?

  • Clarifies how your unique expertise, capabilities and skill set can address and fulfill an employer’s specific business need
  • Elaborates on the factual information presented on your CV, drawing on the intangible benefits you can bring to a role
  • Uses examples to emphasize specific qualities or experiences of particular interest to the employer
  • Excites the employer to meet you as it conveys a personal yet professional touch, allowing you to show enthusiasm and interest

Don’t miss out on a job interview because of a vague and poorly written cover letter. Let us help draw interest to your CV, promote your personal brand and boost your application with a ResumeLance Cover Letter.

3 Other Products

CV Evaluation
If you are unsure of whether you need to create a completely new CV but would still like some professional feedback and insight on your CV, get your CV evaluated. We will highlight key areas that you should emphasise, restructure or rephrase while presenting you a detailed report to address format and structural aspects and share with you global CV writing practices and guidelines.
LinkedIn Profile
With LinkedIn being the #1 global business networking and job search medium, you want to make sure your profile is at par with top notch professionals in your industry worldwide. We know that with over 200 million users, building a unique LinkedIn Profile can be very tricky. Let us develop a powerful profile so you can connect, learn and engage with the largest network of professionals.
Profile CV
Do you feel that a standard CV doesn’t adequately reflect your seniority or fully capture your specialized expertise? With a ResumeLance profile, we summarise your career highlights and tell of your career journey drawing on the tangible and value added benefits you bring to a role. We focus on the key high impact achievements and milestones in your career, while touching upon the gradual growth from one role to another.